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    Sam Gaines

    I updated my X Blog Pro theme this morning (12/6/21) and shortly thereafter, none of my pages would load.

    My home page (https://OptionsTradesByDamocles.com) appears unaffected, but on any sub-page I click, I get the black background with the rotation white bouncing square, and that’s as far as it will go.

    I’ve tried this on multiple computers and multiple browsers, all with the same problem. I’ve cleared browser history and cookies with no effect.

    Is there a way to revert to the previous Theme version? Any advice will be appreciated!

    Theme space

    Thank you for using Xblog pro theme.
    We’ve updated the new version 1.2.9. please update the latest version hope now your issue will be solved.
    Thanks again

    Sam Gaines

    Complete the update to 1.2.9 and my pages are now working as expected.
    Thank you for your quick response!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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