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    elaine janes

    UP DATE for New Box Pro

    After more research in your customize area for “Active home ads Section” I discovered that the “active home ad section” will accept
    a HREF Code for affiliate banners but not “iframe” code. However the “header area” in the customize area WILL accept “Iframe code & HREF code.
    Whats up with that? Is there a piece of code you can give me so that I can add to theme editor so it will accept the IFRAMe” code in the “Active home ads section?

    Neither “Action home ad section” , will accept any codes, Trying to add a few banners and it doesn’t show up. It works
    nicely on the header using a widget and nice on the side bar using a widget but when you go into “customize” and
    try to put “code” in the box for “Action home ad section” 1, 2, or 3 it doesn’t work. Z

    There isn’t an option to add a widget for this area like there is for the header or the side bars.

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