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    David O’Toole

    My header image (it’s high resolution), is showing as blurry on an iPhone (both mine and other people that I asked to test it). But here’s the strange thing. When viewed holding the iPhone sideways/horizontally, the image shows fine. But when viewed holding the iPhone vertically, the image is blurred and unreadable. This shows that the image is fine itself, and the problem must be somewhere else with the Theme. Any suggestions here from the Theme designer please? Is there something that I need to click on the Theme WP Panel, or some code I can add somewhere? Here’s a blurry image screenshot that was taken by someone else on their mobile. I’ve changed the header image since this example screenshot was taken, but the results are always the same, blurry and unreadable. Here’s what I’m talking about:


    Thanks, D

    Theme space

    Thank you for your question.
    I’ve seen your site and site header image. You are using text in the header image so when you view the small devices then the image text not showing properly.
    Header image width set 100% so create the problem.
    You should use the site title as a header title. Please set the header image without text and using text from the site title, it will be better for all devices.

    If you want to use the image then you can use the CSS code. Go customize-> additional CSS and paste the CSS code.
    @media (max-width: 767px) {
    .xhimg-full img {
    width: auto;
    min-width: 460px;

    Thanks again

    David O’Toole

    Hi, I need your help please.

    The header on my site is still displaying as stretched and blurred.

    It’s showing great on a mobile device (iPhone). But the header is stretched

    and blurred on the actual website. There’s something wrong with the coding


    Hi, can I ask you something?
    The header on my site is still displaying as stretched and blurred. This is

    really holding me back at this stage. It needs fixing.
    I got the updated theme. It does not fix the problem.
    Is there anyone there?
    The header image is not displaying at 1800px
    x 250px. THAT is the problem. It’s showing at over 250, that is why it’s

    blurred and not clear.
    Can you please fix the header so that it is showing at 1800 x 250, and is not

    What do you recommend?

    David O’Toole

    Listen. The image is showing on the website at about 1348 x 190 (blurred). NOT at 1200 x 240 which is the actual size of the image as you recommended. Can’t you fix that? No matter what I set the Customize settings to, the header displays wrong once you exit the Customize window. And don’t tell me that the image is pixellated because it’s the wrong size, it’s not. I’m a qualified graphic designer in Photoshop, I know how to make an image sized 1200 x 250 px. So stop trying to BS me.

    David O’Toole

    Sorry, forget that last post. I meant to say that the image is showing on the website at showing about 1800 x 300 (blurred). The width is good, the height is showing wrong. You must be able to correct that, you’re the Theme designer are you not?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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