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Aiden Jeffries


I bought the XMagazine Pro theme for my website and I get a constant cURL timeout error whenever I try to activate the theme. I’ve been chatting with tech support with my host. However, they said they need to know what exactly limits need to be lifted to get the theme to work. In their words:

For further investigation, please contact the theme vendor and inquire about the PHP limits, or settings that are needed for the activation of the theme, so that we can further check on it. There are certain PHP limits that cannot be changed or modified on a shared server, which is why we need to confirm the exact requirements of the theme.

In short, what PHP limits or settings does my host need to change so I can use the theme I paid for?


I can’t activate the topic either. I write to tech support, but the problem is not solved for 3 days. What helped you to solve the problem? Help me get the theme up and running.