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Regarding your first question about the ShopKit Pro license being attached to the folder name in your domain, I’ve resolved that issue. You can now activate and use the ShopKit Pro license on your main domain.

As for your second question about adding additional font files to the theme, the process requires some knowledge of PHP, HTML, and CSS. If you’re not familiar with these languages, the recommended approach would be to either:

1. Utilize the existing font options provided within the ShopKit theme itself. The theme comes with a selection of pre-installed fonts that you can choose from and apply to your website.

2. If you need to use custom font files that are not included in the theme, it’s advisable to hire an expert or a professional developer who can assist you. They will be able to properly integrate the desired font files into your theme while ensuring compatibility and maintaining the integrity of your website.

Modifying core theme files, such as PHP files, without the necessary expertise can potentially introduce issues or conflicts, affecting the functionality and security of your website. Therefore, unless you possess the required skills in web development languages, it’s generally safer to either work within the theme’s existing options or seek professional assistance for customizations like adding new font files.